Get Your Game On!


It’s time to introduce what I hope will become a bigger part of this site, the video introduction for the YouTube channel (I’ve got to get 10 subscribers before I can get a fancy link):

Much of the content I’ve posted and plan on posting in the next few months simply doesn’t transcribe well in a picture only format. For those posts that require it (for example the C64 vs. arcade series of upcoming posts) I plan on doing videos with some minor voice over work. I won’t be front and center, cause let’s be honest, I’ve got a face made for radio. I’ll also won’t drown you with audio as my voice is probably better suited for print. I’ll play the games, point out some of the differences and leave it at that.  It’s should be a good time.  I’ve got some work to do on the YouTube Channel profile before I fully turn things up. Stay tuned…

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Up-Down Arcade and Bar – Des Moines, IA

0 Up Down

Back in July, I had the chance to visit the Up-Down arcade and bar located in the East Village section of downtown Des Moines. Unforunately, I forgot to charge my phone before going and was only able to get 2 pictures before it died completely. I vowed to return and fully document the arcade and bar for the millions of readers of this blog. My recent visit to the 8 Bit Beercade in Peoria, IL got me in the mood to play more “classic” arcade games and I knew this place had them. I grabbed a few tokens left over from my previous visit and headed to 500 E Locust yesterday afternoon.

Up-Down is below ground and on my first visit in July, I probably walked by it 3 times before discovering the entrance. It has a more traditional arcade feel to it than the 8 Bit Beercade as it is essentially two rooms. The main room has the bar and a long wall with a bunch of games on it. There are a few more games scattered around this room...

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8 Bit Beercade – Peoria, IL

0 8 Bit Beercade

Last weekend, I returned to my hometown for a class reunion.  A year ago, I learned of a new bar/arcade that opened up in the downtown Warehouse District.  Unfortunately, I didn’t get the chance to visit it before moving out of state.  That changed last weekend as I had a bit of free time Saturday and decided to head downtown to the 8 Bit Beercade, located at the corner of Water Street and State Street in beautiful downtown Peoria, IL.

I’ve been to bar/arcade joints in Denver, Colorado and Des Moines, Iowa so I was excited to see how the one located in my hometown stacked up.  Fortunately, my phone was fully charged this time so I was able to get a few pictures.  I think there was only one wall of games that I didn’t get a picture of and I forgot to take a picture of the bar and outdoor patio.  Speaking of the bar, the 8 Bit Beercade has a huge selection of craft beers...

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A Spiffy New Update


I’ve updated the site with a new and improved arcade theme.  It’s a responsive design so it should work well on your phone, tablet or computer.  I still have a bit of tweaking to do to certain style elements.  It’s going to take a while to work through some of the issues.  On the plus side, I have verified all of the links, so everything that links to an external site should now be working.

Now, if only I could get someone to design an awesome logo for me, I’d be set.  (That might be a hint, or better yet, a plea!)

Look for my review of the beercade I recently visited in the next day or so.

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Donkey Kong – C64 vs Arcade

0 Donkey Kong Title Screen

I’ve been thinking a bit about content to post since my games are all in storage and there obviously is no work being done on them. As you may know from my previous posts, I recently dug the Commodore 64 out of storage to give me something to occupy my time. So, for the next few posts, I’m going to take a look at original arcade games and how the Commodore 64 version compares.

Since my games aren’t accessible to me and I don’t have a video capture device for the Commodore, I’m going to do all of my comparisons via emulators. MAME for the arcade portion and VICE for the C64 portion. I chose my favorite game, Donkey Kong as the first candidate. I’m going to try and hit the games I own first, so we’ll be taking a look at the C64 ports of Dig Dug, Donkey Kong Jr., Ms. Pac-man, Track & Field and Centipede first, and then games I previously owned like Elevator Action, Missile Command and Jungle Hunt...

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